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Novela on Genetic & Biomarker Testing

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Read or Download the Spanish-language version here.

This engaging story provides information about Genetic Testing: what it is, how to get it, and what the results could mean for you and your family. Available in both English and Spanish.

Order copies of "Genetic and Biomarker Testing: Gifts of Knowledge for You and Your Family" here.

Free Mammogram Locator Tool

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View or Download the Spanish-language version here.

This material include information about breast cancer screenings and also provides a full list by borough of free mammogram locations in New York City.

Breast Cancer Information Brochure

Ovarian Cancer Information Brochure

Uterine Cancer Information Brochure

Metastatic Breast Cancer Information Brochure

Novela on Living with Ovarian Cancer

Read the digital version online.
Or download Persistence Pays

Read the Spanish-language digital version: La Persistencia Paga
Or download La Persistencia Paga

This powerful and engaging educational tool provides up-to-date information about ovarian cancer risk factors, symptoms, screening, and treatment. Available in both English and Spanish.

Order 25 copies of Persistence Pays here.

Novela on Breast Cancer Survivorship

Read the Novela online.
Or download Be Brave They're Your Breasts

A unique culturally sensitive educational tool that dispels common myths about breast cancer among the Latino community. Available in English and Spanish.

Download the Spanish-language version: Se Valiente… Son Tus Senos

Novela on Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Read the Novela online.
Or download With Love and Support

Download the Spanish-language version: Con Amor y Apoyo

This engaging and culturally sensitive tool is a guide for Latinas with metastatic breast cancer and their loved ones.

Breast Cancer Postcard

Ovarian Cancer Postcard

Uterine Cancer Postcard

Cervical Cancer Postcard

Metastatic Breast Cancer Postcard

Information on Uterine/Endometrial Cancer for Women of African Descent

Información sobre Cáncer Uterino/Endometrial Para Mujeres Hispanas

40 Years of Breast Cancer

Dr. Deborah Axelrod, the John and Elaine Kanas Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology at NYU Langone Medical Center, Department of Surgery, shares her perspective on 40 years of breast cancer. Dr. Axlerod has been involved with SHARE since the early 1990s.

Click the photo to view Dr. Axelrod's booklet "40 Years of Breast Cancer."


Ambassador Publication

SHARE's Ambassador publication provides information about breast and ovarian cancers that is relevant for African-American communities.


SHARE's Pink and Teal booklet

Information about breast and ovarian cancers and SHARE's corporate educational seminar program.

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